Creative Industry Practice, Market Ready: Design Development

For the Market Ready Brief I came up with some designs for our group Gum Up, although our group wasn’t selected for the Sunday Up Market I think we still did very well and it’s good to have gotten some new designs out of it.

I started off by creating some initial designs of things like robins christmas trees and other christmas related icons. When doing this my main focus was looking at using different drawing materials to see what kind of an effect they could make to help the illustrations to stand out. With these first illustrations I intended for these to be printed onto greeting and post cards.

Market ready dev5.png

Market ready dev6.png

With these next drawings I intended to use them to create a pattern design for stationary items at the market.


After the illustrations were ready I took them into illustrator to trace them to see how it would effect them hoping it would improve the quality of the drawing.The first one I did was the robin as this was my favourite of the illustrations I think that it turned out quite nicely after editing it digitally I think that the smoothness of it with the blotchy parts almost make it look painted.


I was a little bit disappointed with how the tree turned out I think tracing it caused some of the stroke marks to be lost and loses its distinct look.


However i was very happy with how the patterns turned out I think they would have looked very nice if they were printed onto some wrapping paper or a Christmas card.



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