Making a Living Week: Day 1, Will Hudson and Tom Robinson

For the first day of making a living week Will Hudson the founder of Its Nice That came to The CASS to give a talk on how started out in the industry. We also got to here from Tom Robinson the co-founder of the illustration agency Handsome Frank

Will started out by quickly telling us about where he studied and how he started It’s Nice That whilst in uni originally as a printed magazine. He then told us about how as he continued to work in the industry as a junior designer at Third eye Design he kept working on It’s Nice That and now a few years down the line It’s Nice That has spread through to multiple platforms as a website a magazine and host of different events and talks involving other members of the industry. As a casual reader and follower of It’s Nice That it was great for Will to come in and talk to us about his life and work so far. At the end of his talk Will shared with us some inspirational quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger that he believes carry through to all industries and can be related to by anyone from any practice.

After Will Hudson talk we also heard from Tom Robinson one of the co-founders of Handsome Frank Illustration Agency who spoke about some of the illustrators they represent like Malika Favre and Helen Mussel White. Tom also talked to us about how his agency assists illustrators in making connections and finding work this was also a great talk to have on as i think it made some of the different options about a career much clearer and now I think an illustration agency is definitely something to keep in mind especially for some one like myself that doesn’t really want to deal with things like contracts and numbers (I just wanna draw stuff).

Here are some image segments from the work of different illustrators Handsome Frank represents.

Painting by David Sparshott
Paper craft by Helen Musselwhite


Illustration by Jean Julien

As you can see from these examples Handsome Frank represents a very wide variety of different illustrators with very different styles. After showing us the work of these illustrators Tom gave some advice on how to present our work and what work we should show/ do when we are approaching an agency. He told us consistency in a style and aesthetic can be helpful as a lot of clients will choose an illustrator based off of liking the style they have seen before rather than how adaptable they are. Keeping this in mind Tom also said that a variety of styles will also be useful as some work will be found that requires a skillful illustrator rather than a certain aesthetic. He then said to show a variety in the subject matter of our work for example have a section based on politically inspired work and then another could be based on animals or nature this will then make it easier to find work as it shows clients you care about what they care about. At the end of his talk Tom took some time to tell us about sending off work and showing a portfolio his advice was quite simple have something tangible, Big yourself up and  make sure your work is the main event of the show.

The first day of Making a living week has been pretty intense we have had a lot of information thrown at us that I hadn’t even takin into consideration before but all of it has been very useful and now I definitely have a much better idea of how of the approaches I could take in finding work after university.



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