Hot House Talks: Russell Weekes

Today we went to one of the CASS Hot House Talks during our lunch hour. We got a chance to hear Russell Weekes talk about some of his work and his experiences whilst working in the industry.

Unfortunately since we arrived a little late I only got a chance to hear about a few of the things Russell has worked on. He started out talking about how he enjoys playing around with different methods and showed us a video he created to showcase different methods of transitioning in video we then got to see how things in that video were then used in a music video.


Russell talked briefly on some more humerous works he did.


He went on to talk to us bout his time collaborating with a photographer called Ali Mobasser. Russell and Ali had brought their skills together to create some great photographic images. The first is from a series of other photographs, this one is call “A Wake” and the second is a photographic timeline of the pound coin from the past 100 years.



As always its great to have successful designer like Russell at the university giving these talks, looking forward to the next one.


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