Impression Studio: Small Publishers Fair visit and Studio identity presentations

Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall

Today we had a class trip to Conway Hall where the Small Publishers Fair was being held. The fair became a great congregation of publishers and books of different varieties it was great to have a look at some of the strange ways that a book can be put together and it was good to see some very interesting content.

The first of the array of tables to interest me was one belonging to Tracey Bush on her table she had shown some interesting ways in which the folds of paper can work in a book and also had a book of butterflies cut out from maps and some badges she had made from different paper samples including some victorian gold leaf that was very nice.

Tracey Bush, Publisher and Artist
Heads Bodies & Legs by Alice Patullo


I also had a chance to visit Joe Pearson’s table to have a look at some of his works. He had a nice books called Heads, Bodies and Legs by Alice Pattullo that consists of different illustrations of people from around the east end of London that were printed of a lithograph printer the illustrations are then cut into three sections dividing the head, body and legs so that each different segment from each different illustration could be combined to create new and funny characters.




Joe Pearson and his table for Design Today


After the fair we headed back to our studio to our studio were we had our studio identity presentations, we each took turns to pitch our studio identities and at the end we voted for who we thought was best.



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