Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Typographic Poster Workshop

In our typographic poster workshop with Angharad where we used different materials and mark making techniques to come up with some interesting ideas for our typographic posters.

The first thing I did was draw out letters on some grid paper I decided to draw the letter R because it has some different properties to play with. One thing I noticed was how usually an R consists of a bowl and 2 stems the left stem usually points straight up and the right stem is usually at a 45 degree angle. I decided to switch the angles of the stems to see how it would look.

The result was pretty interesting and I wanted to take the idea further so I started making cardboard cut outs of my letter R and stuck each cut out ontop of the previous making sure it shrank with each layer. This also turned out to be a good idea and maybe inorporating this into the poster could be good.

Grid paper drawing and cardboard cut outs

Since I had gotten some good ideas from the cardboard I wanted to move onto different materials to see if anything could come from that. I got some of the tracing paper available in the studio and traced the letter again but I thought it could be worth going back to the straight line version and seeing if I could make any interesting shapes or patterns using the tracing paper. Here are just 2 of the ideas I came up with for a possible center piece for the poster the first I thought was good because i think it resembles an ants head and the second I also like because it has the letter A hidden in it aswell.

“Ant Head” typogrpahic poster idea
“RAR” typographic poster idea

Unfortunately by this time the workshop was ending and we had to have some sort of concept/ idea for a poster for the class to look at. Here is my quick concept of a poster using tracings of the letter R to try and create some sort of pattern.

First full poster initial design

This is still a very basic idea but i think I have a much better grip on how my poster could look and I think I am now onto some of the different methods I could use to create an interesting and visually pleasing poster.

At the end of the session we took some time to look over each others work and talk about the ones we liked most I think everyone in class made some brilliant ones and im looking forward to seeing their final ideas.

Posters made by students in class

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