Nik Hill: His journey and his work

In our second session of CIP Nik Hill a former CASS student came to talk to us about how he started out, what he had done after uni and where he is now. Nik is currently working a territory design studio and has most recently released his one brand of jewellery. 

Nik Hills first steps into the world of design started when he got into graffiti art whilst living in Bristol and got into motion graphics when he realised he was more fascinated by the ads on tv than by the programme. Nik simply looked up motion graphics on the internet and that led him to finding the motion graphics course at London Met.

Nik Hill has worked on numerous big name projects whilst working at territory studio some of these names include, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the image below you can get a good idea of the kind of things Nik has worked on in Guardians of the Galaxy as you can see alot of what he has created has played an integral role in the film to exaggerate the futuristic sci-fi style of the film.

Nik Hills work on Guardians of the Galaxy



Nik Hills work on Guardians of the Galaxy

Aswell as working for on some incredible films Nik recently launched is latest project a jewellery brand called Twenty Third C. The brand started out as a little side project for Nik to make some new and exciting gifts for his friends and family using a 3D printer and through out the year it developed into the brand Twenty Third C that is now distributing its first line for this season. Here are some screen shots from Nik Hills website of some of the jewellery he has available.

Nik Hill and Partners promotional photos for Twenty Third C

It was great to have Nik come in and chat with us its always a bit relieving when  an industry practitioner comes in (Stops me panicking about the future) but it is also good to see first hand how things such as motion graphics can be taken into different platforms like jewellery design.

Image source: and From Graffiti to Motion: UI Design for The Big Screen | Adobe Creative Cloud




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