Making a Living: Market Ready Brief

After Nik Hills talk a member of the London Met accelerator team came to talk to us about the Christmas Market that London Met has design students create products for each year. This year the christmas market has been set a brief for our class. For this brief we’ve split into groups and we’re currently working on out ideas for products and our brand identity for the market.

In the short space of time we had to have a quick group meeting and come up with a naem for our market brand and some initial ideas for what we could produce and sell for the Christmas market.

Our group came up with the name Gum Up this is an idea Ea had due to us all putting ideas forward at once. Whilst we all put names and ideas forward the group became a bit of a rabble when Ee found the term Gum Up which in a nutshell refers to being stuck and in this sense it was a good idea as we were pretty stuck on what we would name our brand.


After Ea’s genius idea for a name we then decided to have a colour scheme of white and mint green possibly including a bubble gum pink colour these colours I think are a good choice because they relate to the brand name but also can be used as some nice alternative christmas colours instead of the usual green and red this christmas could have a fresh mint green look with cool white to go onto different christmas related products such as wrapping paper and ribbons but I can easily see this colour scheme working with numerous types of products.


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