Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Metaphorical Book Covers Show and Tell

Today we had another show and tell in our studio to look at some book covers that have a metaphor behind it some were very interesting and intriguing.

The first one to peak interest was the cover for The Crucible by Arthur Miller we talked about what the cover could mean and Francesca told us how the book compares the hatred towards communism in america some 50 years ago to the salem witch trials. Angharad also mentioned how the hand could be to show how our or at least the characters views and hatred towards communism is all constructed and they are the dying puppets of an unseen master.

Another student Finnian had brought in a copy of American Psycho I really like this cover and I think the imager is supposed to depict the foul thoughts of murder and mayhem in the man Patrick Bateman’s mind as he maintains the appearance of a sophisticated Wall Street CEO.

it was quite interesting to see these covers and its good to keep things like this in mind when thinking of content for out zine covers. Here are the book covers students had brought into the class.



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