Impression Studio: Publishing Unbound, Magazine analysis workshop part 2

In the second part of the magazine workshop Angharad gave us a task to re-invent a magazine and then to present it to the class using what we had gained from the amalysis session that we previously had.

We went back into our previous groups to discuss what magazine we could re-invent. Danni and I decided to look at OK! magazine we both felt this was a magazine that we had quite a distaste for and that it would be easiest to pick a magazine we found alot of faults with the re-invent.

To start off we took a look at one OK’s covers and started to list of the faults we found with the intention of doing the opposite. We noted that it had the logo/logotype in the the left hand corner followed with pulled quotes and cover lines underneath. All of the images were of people facing towards the camera and were in uneven boxes with faces half covered by text. We also found that lots of bright fill colour is used in boxes around the text.

For our magazine we decided we’d call it “…Ugh” as this is the usual reaction to the sight of an OK! magazine. We also wanted to take a more unconventional route and place the magazines title at the bottom of the cover to amend the obvious confusion this could cause we kept with the classic method having the title set to the largest point size on the page. We also wanted to avoid cluttering the page like OK! magazine do so we decided one image relating to the content would suffice. The image ended up being a snapshot from the Netflix series Stranger Things cause we thought since Ok! magazine writes about Eastenders and alike that our magazines content would be about good television instead.

By the end of the day we were presenting our magazine cover, it was good to see how other people had gone about the task and what ideas they had came up with.



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