Impression studio: Publishing Unbound, Studio Identity Session

Today we came together as a studio to think about our studio identity. To get us warmed up Alistair had us fill out some questions to help us think of ways to project our studio identity through a logo/ logotype.

The first question we had was simple and to the point, Who are we? the answer is as simple as you would think were the Impression Print and Publishing Studio.

The second was another simple one, What do you do? The answer for this took some working on I decided to go for one that I felt covered as many bases as possible. We show case traditional and contemporary practices of Graphic Design and Illustration through the medium of print and publishing.

The last question was not as easy, Why should anyone care? This question is a bit more difficult because in answering this we need to make our selves stand out and from all of the other print and publishing based studios in the world. I don’t think we were able to really decide on one perfect answer some people said We leave something tangible for future generations to cherish, others said We care so you don’t have to. I think the best answer to a question like this would simply be to show the asker the work myself and others in the class have done and in showing them our own individual styles and approaches that would answer the question for them.

The second part of the session consisted of us getting down some rough ideas from the questions we answered the first thing I thought to do was look at the words Impression, Studio and Print to see how they can intersect with each other.


After this I then made a mind map to try and help me think of some different approaches and ideas. One of the ideas I thought was good was to create a pictogram of hands shaking like a first impression just because this could also be incorporated into a banner for around the zines and a pictogram can also easily be used to something very large and printed or something very small and screen based.

I also looked more at how the word Impression and Print can intersect to create a cross shape this could then relate to maybe a gothic theme but I don’t think that sends the right message about the studio.

Finally I thought about how the words Print and Digital could both intersect this idea is also supported by some light research I did in terms of looking for something to write about in my article and I think looking into how print and digital design intersect and leave an impression on one another.


After getting some of the ideas written on paper I made some rough sketches of other ideas I had floating around one of them was to make the O in Impression out of pages but I think this was another bad avenue to go down. A good idea to come from here actually to take parts of the letter away to leave the impression of the letter for example the i became just a dot and the P was narrowed down to just the bowl of the letter.


I then tried a couple of other ways to make impressions of letters and then how the impressions could intersect in the same way as before.


This refinement definately helped me settle on an idea for the poster zine even if this idea isn’t used to the studio identity I still think it will look great on the zine.

This last picture is of a slightly more refined version of 5.2 but it definately still needs work all I did here was recreate 5.2 but made it slightly more neat and compact. I still want to keep the word digital as an intersection aswell I just need to add it to this refined version.


Todays session has been extremely helpful and now I feel much more at ease and on the right track to making a fantastic poster zine.




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