Impression Studio: Studio Culture

In week one of being in our studios the impression studio took a day to visit a few different studios in London related to print and publishing. We visited the studios Hato Press, Mag Culture and Fredrigoni.



The first studio we visited was Hato Press a small studio consisting of two floors the bottom floor is where the rizograph printing is conducted and there is also a display of some of their work and upstairs they have a design studio. Established in 2009 Hato became a place for designers and printers to practice new ideas at low cost production by utilizing rizograph printers.




The second studio we visited was Mag Culture this studio is particularly interesting as it acts as a design studio, publisher and shop. As a studio Mag Culture works with in both print and digital based medias and also runs an online journal that reviews magazines that are taking the design and publishing aspects to new places.

The Mag Culture shop opened in 2015 and since then has taken the sale of magazines as seriously as their design work stocking approximately 350 magazines on shelves around the shop its clear they would like customers to take their time and find something they really like although finding a great magazine is not difficult here as all magazines are reviewed before sale and must interest the creative director Jeremy Leslie.



The last studio we visited was Fredrigoni that specialises in paper stock from paper made for printing to book binding and packaging. It is a much older company established since 1717 it is now a global enterprise. The studio is a very wide open space with different samples of paper and alot of products their paper had been used to make.



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