Impression Studio: Made you look

Today as a studio we were asked to watch a video titled “Made you look” this video is made up of a series of interviews with different designers and illustrators talking about how they fell in love with art and drawing and how they got into the industry. They also talked about their process ranging from what the intention is for the work to what materials they enjoy using the most.

Later on into the video the artists talk about what difference they see in terms of print based work and digital based work which was very interesting to hear because the designers Fred and Kate Higginson that work mainly with print at Print Club London also showed a massive appreciation for the digital side of design and recognised how new technology like drawing pads and editing softwares has revolutionised the design industry.

Towards the end of the video the designer “Ben The Illustrator” also spoke briefly on the internet itself and how it has affected his work and lives he talked about how he enjoys living in the country and expected to have to move to the city for his career but thanks to the internet he can take on clients from anywhere without having to leave his home in the country.

It was great to see how other designers and illustrators feel about these topics and I think this has also helped change my perspective on things before seeing the video I subscribed to the way of thinking that says the digital world will cause print to die off but after watching Kate Moross talk about it I realised that its not really possible for that to happen and that just because we have digital that doesn’t mean we cant have print as well, both can survive as long as the demand is there, if you make it someone will want it.

This video gets a definite recommendation from me and is well worth the watch and is available

sorry for the lack of images in this post but I was to into the film to remember to take photos


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