Wellcome Collection: Medicine Man

In our first week back our tutors recommended we take some time to visit some different exhibitions, they sent out a list of some interesting galleries to visit. The first one on the list to peak my interest was the Medicine Man collection that features many objects from around the world Collected by Henry Wellcome. As a patron of science and co-founder of the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Henry Wellcomes collection consists of many strange and unique medical tool and devises but aswell as this he was a man of the world and also collected many different artifacts from different cultures from shrunken heads to preserved tattooed skin.

My favourite part of the collection were some masks on display in a glass cabinet that came in a variety of different shapes sizes and colours.

He had also acquired a number of prosthetic limbs that were displayed together.


Some of the very strange and slightly disturbing artifacts in the collection included a shrunken head, preserved and tattooed human skin, Egyptian Canopic jars used to store organs after death and Fakirs Sandals a pair of wooden sandles with iron bolts attached to poke the wearers feet.


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