The Jam: About the young idea.

During the time off we had in summer I took some time to go back to Liverpool and visit family, whilst I was back I visited an Exhibition held at the Cunard Building in the city centre. The exhibition was mainly a collection of the bands memorabilia acting as a sort of time line for the bands growth and influence on the country consisting of gig posters, tickets, record sleeves, music videos and videos of live performances. Another part of the exhibition that was also interesting was the collection of diary entries and old photographs.

The Curators Nicky Weller, Russell Reader and Den Davis have done a great job of putting this collection together by incorporating different medias and having an interactive element in the exhibition by allowing the viewers to watch live performances of the band on multiple screens whilst wearing head sets.


Here are just some of the posters on display at the exhibition these consist of posters for gigs and festivals and some just as band merchandise.

The band merchandise not only consisted if posters but also badges were displayed


One of the most enjoyable parts of the exhibition was a room that could only be viewed by a single window I think this room might have been designed to resemble the bands practice room however there wasn’t much information avaiable to back up the thought. The room was still quite nice and certainly resembled how most practice rooms look.



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