Soothing Sounds

Loneliness, heartbreak and being put back together again. We all have those moments in life, the down days and bad times that make the good times oh so sweet. Danni Jordan has illustrated these precious moments perfectly in a 3 part series of posters depicting a story of love, loss, heartbreak and most importantly the healing power of music as part of the project The Soundtrack of our Lives.

Was there a brief and if so what was the task for this project?

My brief was to create 3 posters, that are an emotional response to 3 songs in my life. Ideally, songs that connect with my feelings and memories, and to then express these feelings through my posters.


Did any ideas come to mind initially and how did you approach them?

I liked the idea of taking a minimalistic approach for my posters. I wanted to make them simple but effective, and to still show my feelings towards each song.


What or who did you research for the project?                                                                                

I researched into existing minimalistic album covers and posters, like Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit album and single covers. I also looked at objects or images that connected to the subject of each song, and the way that each one made me feel.

How did the research effect your initial ideas, what changed?                                                

 It did not really effect my initial ideas, as I still wanted to continue with my simplistic approach. However, I did then decide that my posters needed something a little more, which I would work on.

How did the posters turn out did they follow a theme or have anything in common?        

I made each poster to have simple but relevant image in the centre. All 3 then had dark borders and also the lyrics to the connecting songs as backgrounds.


Source: Danni Jordan, 


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