Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival – Visit

Today we went to the Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at Somerset house where we saw alot of work from various artists and designers, we even got to enjoy a workshop and got something to take home.

The first thing we looked at where stand alone art works by various designers and artists the first I looked at was different typographic prints by Corin Kennington that I think are really nice and I especially like the combined use of the risograph and letterpress that was used to create some very nice metallic coloured letters.


I also liked the screen prints by George Douglas I liked the photographic accuracy of them and that they had a psychedelic element to them with the cropped faces.

Also some great 3d pieces by Dan Singer that had a great 8 bit aesthetic to them that I thought interacted really well with the lights above them.


The last person I looked at was Aart-Jan Venema who’s a painter that tells numerous stories through his compositions that I think are really nice to look at and you can see how the characters really bring the paintings to life.


I also got to see alot of different and interesting work that was on sail which I think made the exhibition alot more appealing unfortunately cause i’m broke I couldn’t buy anything but still was very nice to look at.

In the exhibition we also got to take part in an interactive typography workshop that I think was really good we spent the work shop smothering bricks in ink and using them as stamps to create letters. One thing I liked most about this is that the stamps will be used to create a finished typeface and its nice to think mine or my class mates work might end up in there.



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