The Soundtrack of our Lives – Especially in Michigan revisited

After I had finished my poster designs I was trying to think of how I could take my work further and also how I could improve on the posters themselves.

I ended up going back and editing my posters just to fix the colour so that they would be more vibrant because when they seemed very bland when they had been printed.

After making the colours stronger I then thought about animating the posters, I thought that since they are supposed to have the look of a glitching video why not animate them that way so here is my animated version of my poster for Especially in Michigan.


I created this animation using photoshop I tried to create it so that it would work smoothly in a loop because kieran said this would make our animations run smoother when we had our animation workshops. In some parts of the animation the red overlay it cut out and the black backgrounnd shows through this was unintended but I think this actually adds to the effect the of thee glitch and the over all appeal of the animation.


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