Needle to the Groove – Visit

Today I took a trip with some class mates to the Needle in the Groove exhibition that featured some impressive artworks based around music of different genres whilst incorporating a graffiti style aesthetic.

One of the things that first caught my attention was the hand outs available at the exhibition that whilst having some interesting lettering on the cover also show each piece of art work including information such as the title of the piece, what song or artist inspired it and how much it would be to purchase.

nttg 1

The exhibition space was unexpectedly small but I think this allowed people to be more intimate with the artwork, it definitely felt like a more relaxing environment than most galleries and unlike most exhibitions  it didn’t seem as if they intended it to be very high end or posh more like they just wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy the place.

It was also interesting to see t-shirts on sale at the exhibition which is good for people that want something to take home but can’t afford to buy one of the prints unfortunately I didn’t have money for either but I think it’s a good idea for any exhibition to give people something to take home.

If you want to see more work like this you can follow bareface_art on instagram


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