The Soundtrack of our Lives – Don’t Think Twice

My final poster for The Soundtrack of our Lives is based off the song Don’t Think Twice by Bob Dylan and it made me think alot about moving on from things that have held me up in the past and I think that is the intended message of the song so I wanted to think of how I could convey that message in my poster

Below are some of the first initial ideas I got down for this poster I took down these ideas whilst listening to the song to keep them fresh and I liked the idea of using two hands that appear to have let go of one another so I thought about the different ways I could emphasise that but the best I could think of was for the image to have been ripped in two but I felt that conveyed the wrong message. I then tried to think of what else could be symbolic for letting go and moviing on and for some reason the idea of using a train as an image came to mind so I thought about the different ways I could utilize that image. I thought to have the train with in the hands or maybe just use the hands as templates for another image, I then thought to create the hands out of smoke from a train (I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea) and I also wanted to try projecting the image and having the hands cast a shadow over it.

After getting my roughs I went out to take some pictures of the underground and of other trains to try and get a good picture to use for the poster. Here are a few of the pictures I took.

I then picked the picture I liked the most and printed it on assotate to use with the projector.

dtt a1

But like the other projected image it didn’t look as I wanted it to, it definitely had the appeal of an old photograph but I wanted mine to look like film footage so I decided I wouldn’t use the image of the train I would keep it simple and just go with the hands.

I took the two pictures with the same kind of lighting and then edited them in photoshop unlike the other two this final poster is in A1 size and the grain effect is vertical instead of horizontal I think that way it look more appealing due to the larger side and that it is in landscape instead of portrait.

Here is the image of my final poster I also wanted to colour it blue for the obvious reason of coinciding with the other posters and also because of that genre of music have a strong influence from the blues.

a3 poster





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