The Soundtrack of our Lives – Once in a Lifetime

The second poster that I made was based off of the song Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads I wanted to use this song because when I listened to it I started to think alot about being back home and about the good memories I have from being with friends.

So my first idea for this was to create a collage from photos I had taken with my friends at first I wanted to try and create a collage that would build up into one final image.

th mm1

I then talked to Sara more about this idea and she recommended that I look into the meaning of nostalgia so I looked it up and found out that it originates from the Greek nostos meaning return home and algos meaning pain so I decided it would be best to work from that as a platform for ideas. So I had the idea to project the collage and then to photograph a hand reaching out for it to signify a longon for home.

th mm2

To put the collage together I created 2 A3 size files in photoshop and then simply dropped them both onto one A2 file and then converted the file to Grayscale.

I then printed the image in a4 size onto an asotate sheet and then blew it up on wall with an  old over head projector I found in the studio I thought this would work well with the style I was going for and would give it a more authentic and damaged look.

Unfortunately it was not possible to get the right kind of picture of the hand reaching to it because I hadn’t taken into account the fact the hand would distort the image when it was projected onto a non flat surface.

So I took the image I had into photoshop and tried to play around with it so that it would have the same look as the first poster, I went about it the same way I made the picture black and white with the grayscale mode and then played with the brightness and contrast.


I liked how it looked but it seems very un-interesting and since the whole point of a poster is to draw people attention I decided that this would’nt do and proceeded to try adding different elements to it hoping it will catch people attention.

One idea I had was to adjust the position of the image so that it would be more towards the top of the page as if it was a cinema screenand then to add another image to look like a shadow my first thought was to make the liverpool sky line but this still seems very flat and lacking of any character so I looked back at my research and thought about how Saul Bass had used the hand in The Man with the Golden Arm so i thought if I had a sillhouette of an arm that may solve my problem of trynig to include the hand.

1 .jpgTo try these ideas I found image of the liverpool skyline and used the pen tool to trace out the basic shape of the buildings and simply used the template to delete parts of the box that would cause the background to take the shape of the skyline and with the hand i used took a picture of my hand and used the polygonal lasso tool to make a more geometric cut out but as you can see the poster still didn’t look very good and it didn’t match up with the other poster as much as I wanted it to.

So I thought about what I had looked at and I knew I wanted to include the skyline and the hand so I decided to do away with the collage entirely and to concentrate on those two aspects instead. That was when I had the idea to photograph my hand again in the same lighting as the last poster I then added the same effects and used the skyline to make it appear as if the hand was cut off. I think that this made for a good representation of a painful longing for home.

Here are s few steps to show how I made the image I later decided to make the overlay for this image purple because I wanted it to link back to Liverpool with out being the obvious chose of red and after thinking about it I quickly decided on purple because … (for gods sake) it’s the colour of the wheelie bins in Liverpool and there is sort of a joke like phrase hat people say back home “you’re not from Liverpool unless you have a purple wheelie bin”


This is my final poster design for Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads I had a lot of fun doing this and at one point found it more challenging than the others it was also good to try and think of things to reference a place and a feeling with out going for obvious choices and I enjoyed experimenting with the projector I think if I was to go back and change something about this I would have probably tried the final idea in the first place because to me this helped alot with bringing all the posters together as a unit.

completelt finished.jpg



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