The memory of noise

Yesterday we had a talk from Mathew relating to the work we are currently doing for “The Sound Track Of Our Lives” the first thing that we did was sit and listen to “a song under the floorboards” by a post punk band called magazine from 1980

Mathew then showed us some record sleeves designs and a book cover design, he then explained to us how the record sleeves had changed over time particularly the ones belonging to the Sex Pistols it was easy to see how the design had developed to become much cleaner and seemingly more well made as the band became more mainstream and well known. He also showed us an album by the Buzzcocks whos designer used DaDa and Surrealism to influence the design.He also showed is a record sleeve called Swoon and the record sleeve of the band Magazine that we heard at the beginning he said that this one had been inspired by Russian Constructivism.

The Sex Pistols




Swoon – Prefab Sprout


Magazine – The Correct Use Of Soap

Another topic Mathew spoke about was “The triangle of image text and sound” this was a visual aid Mathew put in place to make the point that text, image and sound all work together in different ways and that one of the three can contain the other two and that we should think about this whilst working on The soundtrack of our lives.

He also talked about the history of his home town in Nottingham for a short time which was interesting to here about because I think it’s always nice to know where someone cam from because it can have a large impact on who they are as a person.

He then showed us two poster designs that quoted some of the lyrics from the song and talked a bit about the book that inspired the song Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Posters and illustration from book

Mathew then went on to talk about Inter-textuality this is when one thing refers consciously or unconsciously to something else  a good example of this is the album heroes by David Bowie that was inspired from an illustration by Erich Heckel



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