100 Briefs in 1 Day

Last week we had a mini assignment for the day to help us with our creative thinking process this exercise was to complete 100 mini briefs in 1 day using whatever methods we saw fit. I had alot of fun doing this and some of the ideas others in the class had came up with were impressively creative and funny and I think this definitely help me to think of ideas for my work faster and easier. 

We first got asked to depict what an over spill looks like and in an effort to be super creative I poured some of Alex’s coffee on my paper


The 16th brief was to design a set of 3 candles that would be to commemorate an even of out choosing I decided to design one for twins being born but unfortunately I was fast enough to think of anymore.

occasion candles

Number 31 was to take a view point and illustrate what we saw so I decided to draw Alex as he sat infront of me drawing.

draw what you see

Number 57 we were asked ‘if love is all you need? what is hate?’

what is hate.jpg

We then had to design a mascot for the person sitting next to us to finish Number 64 so I decided I would draw will in the creepiest way I could think of.

wills mascot

The final image I wanted to show was Number 67 ‘What does a dream sandwhich look like’ this is another time were I wanted to be funny so I drew generic things to do with dreams coming out of two slices of bread.

dream sandwhich


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