Critical Design Thinking 4 – Other Ideas

Whilst taking down my initial ideas for my critical design thinking zine I had some other ideas that I wanted to play with one of them based around the design pillar of metaphysics.

My idea was to create a zine that would be based around a jigsaw I got this idea from the introduction that Sara gave when she described metaphysics as things fitting together such as salt and pepper, time and space etc.

I also wanted to include the question Where do you fit in? to my zine I wanted to do this because I think that this is a topic everyone has been able to relate to at some point in their lives.

So the first thing I did was grab an image of a jigsaw piece from google images and then used this to create the negative space in my letters/typeface.

To do this I traced around the edge of the jigsaw piece using the magnetic lasso tool then isolated the piece I needed I then used the shape of this to delete sections of the square to create the individual letters.


After doing this I then made a new file in Photoshop with the correct A5 canvas size for my zine insert, I then measured out what size the letters needed to be to fill most of the space in the canvas and created a grid using rulers to make sure all the letters would fit into the correct space and to keep the tracking equal between each character.

After I had completed my grid of letters I wanted to make the insert more interesting to look at rather than just letters I thought it would be good to include an image to make the letters seem more like the pieces from a jigsaw, after thinking for some time about it I thought back to what Sara had said about time and space and I thought it would be a good idea to have the pieces depict an image of the earth.

To do this the first thing I did was to change the colour of the letters to black then I used the circular marquee tool to map out where I wanted to have the earth, after that I used the paint bucket tool to fill in the sections that needed to be coloured in.

After getting my blue circle I needed to include the land to do this I brought up an image of the earth taken from space and used the magnetic lasso tool to get the basic shape of the countries I didn’t want this image to be too detailed because I wanted it to compliment the cartoon like style of the letters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is only the finished insert of my second zine hopefully I will have the cover finished soon I think this was good to make because of how different it is from my previous zine.




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