Lumiere London 2016

Last night I went out to Oxford Circus to see the Lumiere Light show some of the displays were very creative and stunning so I decided to share what I saw.

The first thing I came across was Les Lumineoles by Porte par le vent these are LED lit ghost like fish that are swept through the air by the wind along side the music at the festival they gave the street a very ethereal feel.

After walking around I came across another attraction Key frames by Groupe LAPS this light show was made up of stick men lining a building and whilst music was being played the stick men would light up in time with the music to create different displays such as acrobatics, the snake game and circus tricks I thought this one in particular was quite good I mostly enjoyed how they had managed to time the lights with the music I think this was a good way of keeping it entertaining.

lumiere london 2



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