Critical Design Thinking 3 – further development

For some time now I have been working on my zine and cover for the critical design thinking brief. I wanted to show some of the process towards how I came to my completed design.

The first thing I did was some further drawing on the tortoise I wanted the shell to have a line pattern on it to give it the feeling of being bumpy and hard like a real shell, so I made some thumbnails and looked at the different ways I could do this I looked at how the thickness of lines and how certain lines being connected can give this effect.


turtoise dev 2.jpg

I also wanted to design the typeface for it myself at first I had the idea to draw some letters with serifs but felt like that had nothing to do with the theme of the zine I then looked at doing some scripted letters but after giving it some thought I decided to look at making a typeface that resembled tree branches I looked at creating the standard upper case and lower case letters but decided to just do upper case because it looked more believable that the letters had been formed from placing branches together

typeface development 1typeface development 2

I then took my drawings into photoshop to put them together on one page and then added in the typeface to create my cover I found this part more difficult because I had to take pictures of the drawings on my phone and due to the lack of quality in the photo it was harder to seperate the drawings from the background with out loosing any of its quality and because of the pattern on the tortoise have lines so close to each other I had to use the paint tool to trace over the original drawing if I hadn’t of done that the image would have been of a very poor quality.

PS development contact sheet.jpg

I then did took the photos of the typeface and used the magnetic lasso tool to fill them in black and drop them into the correct size canvas then arranged them in the right order to complete the phrase “Live fast die young” I then also added the words “said the tortoise to the hare” using the font Sitka Display Italic on photoshop because I wanted it to seem as if that part of the insert was some type of narration like in a story book and I think this fits in well with the theme of the zine.

PS development contact sheet 2

Here are the photos of the finished cover and insert I decided at the end to make the typeface and images on the cover in white to coincide the hare and the background to be green in the way the tortoise would be depicted in a book I also thought to do this with the insert but decided to keep it in black and white to resemble the inside of a book.

finished zine pic                finished insert pic

I had alot of fun with this brief and I enjoyed looking into the different pillars of design and i’ll definitely be looking into designing another zine soon I think that if I was to go back and do this brief all over again I would most likely try scanning in the drawings then applying them instead of using photos i think this way the drawing would have lost minimul amounts of quality and would stay true to the original drawings.

Other than that its been a great way to practice some in depth design thinking and im hoping we’ll get more projects like this in the future.


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