Drawing – Workshop 2

Today we had another drawing workshop unlike the last one today we had to venture outside of the commercial road building and took to the tube for more drawing practice.

Our task today was to go on the tube and to draw the people and things that we saw around us. This proved to be abit more difficult because of the fact people are on and off the tube so trying to draw someone sitting across from me meant that I would be going against the clock in a way.

The first drawing I did was of a man sitting across from me I wanted to draw him because I noticed he had some very exaggerated features on his face such as lines in his forehead and a mole on his cheek. I then decided to draw a womans boots boots just because I liked how they came up to her knees and had laces going all the way up them after she had left the train a woman with a wool scarf up to her chin got on so I decided to draw her as well.

After I had done these three drawings I wanted to try using some different materials so I decided to use a fine liner to draw a man in an over coat sitting across from me looking at the floor I wanted to draw him because he was sitting in a different way to the other people on the carriage. I also thought it would be good to experiment with different angles so I decided to draw a girl sitting to the left of me I also noticed a woman sitting with her hands together interlocking her fingers I wanted to try and draw her hands.

After a while I noticed the man I had first drawn was still on the train so I decided to try and draw him and his friends as they talked to one another the thing I wanted to get across in this was the fur on their coats because all three of them had very fluffy looking coats on I also wanted to try and draw it so that if someone looked at it they would be able to tell who was talking and who was listening (see if you can tell who was talking)

train drawing 4.jpg



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