Drawing – Workshop 1

Today we had our final rotation and it was my groups turn to take on the drawing workshop with Orly, we started out the day by looking through our two part brief to see what tasks would be asked of us today.

Our first task was to walk through the commercial road building and pick 5 rooms that we would like to draw and then to try and convey the ambiance or feeling of the room through the use of different techniques and materials.

The first place I wanted to draw was the cafe on the ground floor with the idea to draw the room in pencil and to add in the bulbs above the bar in colour to see how it would look if I isolated the colours.

My second idea was to draw part of the library I wanted this drawing to seem very still and to try and get the feeling across of how calm and quiet the library can be so I decided to remove any shading that may be mistaken for motion and to have only lines in this drawing.

I also wanted to draw the screen printing studio, I wanted to try and draw this so that the drawing would look as if it had been screen printed so to do this I decided to use a red pen that I think resembles the flat colour that screen printing gives I then decided that the best way to get the effect I wanted was to take away tone and out lines leaving just the basic shapes as it would be if it was a screen print, unfortunately I don’t think it resembles the room very well I would have liked to add more from the picture than just the printing mechanism but I was concerned that adding anything more in would make anyone seeing it unable to tell what it is.

Whilst I was back in the studio I decided to take a picture of the lockers to draw them but I thought it would be a good chance to try another technique so I decided to draw all of what I could in the picture but making the pen thickness decrease from 0.8mm to 0.05mm as I drew closer to the background hoping this would give the viewer a better idea of how far away and how close the objects in the drawing are.

I had one drawing left to do and wanted to draw the letter press studio my idea was to draw the studio using charcoal after remembering how dirty our hands got whilst we were there. Unfortunately the room was locked and I had to make due with drawing the door and corridor. I found this drawing a little more difficult than the others because I hadn’t drawn it from a photograph and because of how unstable the use of charcoal in drawing can be.

letter press room drawing

Our second and final task was to then create an A3 poster using the materials and ideas that we had previously I decided that I wanted to go back to the cafe and draw it from another angle. After taking a few pictures I had settled on drawing it from the other side of the bar using the previous technique used in the first image but instead to use charcoal instead of pencil. I think the drawing came out okay but in my opinion I believe I could have done a better job of recording some of the smaller objects in the picture.

cafe pic 2cafe drawing 2

After we had finished all of our drawing Orly took us around the building and asked us to place our poster in the room it was of and then as we looked at each others work we had 3 “characters” to play one person would be the critic and would give the drawer some ideas of how they may improve their work another person would be the fan and would say something complimentary about the work and the last person would be the dreamer who would tell them what they think their work resembled.

I think this was a great workshop and I really enjoyed using different techniques and materials, I also think the character idea was a great way for us to learn different ways to critically look at work and to think about how we can look at our own work.


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