Hot house talk -Cecilie Barstad

After our Pecha Kucha presentation a hot house talk was given afterwards by Cecilie Barstad from the studio Gilles & Cecilie. The first thing she talked about was business planning and wanted to talk to us about the different things to think about when running a company of your own.

She first talked to us about giving quick pitch/elevator pitch she explained that in the future we will be in a situation were we will only have a short amount of time to pitch an idea to a potential client or to another artist you might want to collaborate with.

Another point she made was that when you are pitching your idea or presenting your work it can be useful to think of a simple way to summaries your idea or your process

Cecile also informed us that if we are looking to start or run a company or studio of our own a good part of the planning should include or initial aims and how we are going to achieve them she told us to  set out your aims to be completed including long and short term plans and that would then dictate the route we can take towards our goals.

A part of any business weather it is starting of or has been around for years finance is a key element when keeping a business running smoothly  this includes making a budget and trying to stick to it, trying to get the most out of the money you have and think about the profit you want to make.

Cecilie also reminded us to think about the name of our company or brand or whatever it is we are naming . She told us to think about what the name says about us and how will it influence potential customers and that we should research into other names business like ours use so that it can give us a good idea of how we can stick out from the others.

She also briefly talked to us about Strap lines this could be your name or logo or whatever it is that makes you stand out and makes people remember you.

She also wanted us to think about why we would want to start our own business whether it is for money, freedom, independency or just to be your own boss.

Another thing she told us to think about was the product we are selling and that it is important to sell something that you want to be remembered for because this can lead to further clients looking to purchase or have you design something similar

Analyzing the client is another topic in the talk we listened to Cecilie talk about how knowing your target audience will allow you to create products that will make sales and will please clients. it is also important to think about where your product is sold, is it in a shop? is it online? this is a key factor when selling a product for example a person may be less likely to buy clothes online than in a shop because in the shop they are able to feel the material.

Marketing strategy is also an important part of any business Cecilie told us that we will have to be able to contact our target audiences in different ways to get the name out there this could mean giving out leaflets, putting up posters or or creating an online ad. She also mentioned that we should keep an eye on things that are trendy and popular at the time this way we will be able to remain “in the loop”.

Competitor analysis is something that will keep you ahead of the curve or at least able to keep up with a competing business  looking at the strength and weakness of others will allow us to see where we need to improve. It is also good to take as many opportunities as possible but it is also as important to keep an eye on stress.

We also heard about Operations and logistics and learned that we should think about how we sell our product we could be an online business with our own website or maybe just an ebay account but they key with online business is to stay active and keep checking on whether someone bought the product to see if anything needs to be delivered  this way you will have the least amount of dissapointed clients.

Collaboration is also a good method of creating new products and design this way aswell you are able to network yourself and gain a stronger reputation.

At the end of her talk Cecilie reminded us to always take on personal projects and to design things that we like and that cater to our own taste this way we will be able to enjoy our work more.

I think this was a good hot house talk I was happy to hear more about business planning and about what its like to be a designer running your own studio.


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