Talking Up The CASS

On Friday me, Sara, Jacob and Jessica went to the King Alfred School to talk to a sixth form art and design class so that we could show them some of the work we do at The CASS and tell them what it is like to study there.

Firstly Sara lead an introduction with a slide show showing some of the students some of the studio links The CASS has around London and telling them about what would be available to them if they studied there for a foundation course or a Degree course.

Each of us then took turns showing them our blogs and telling them about some of the work that we have done in class and also answered a few questions the students had about how the foundation course is different to a Degree course and what the relationship is like between students and tutors.

I think this was a good experience and has definitely made me for confident when it comes to talking to a group of strangers about my work.


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