Critical Design Thinking 2 -Initial Ideas

On Thursday we had another class on critical design thinking Sara asked us to look at a list of ‘pillars’ of design philosophy and then think about how we could use these to make fanzines with the title ‘Thinking it Saying it’ the two that I think worked best for me were Ethics and Metaphysics other than these two I struggled to think of anything to go with the other pillars that I thought would be any good.

I started out by just making notes of whatever came to mind and made some rough thumbnails to help me remember and by looking through the book ‘Fanzines’ by Teel Triggs.

After doing this I went home to refine my notes and to make rough sketches for the content of my Fanzines by using different styles and techniques to see the different ways I could depict my images. I’m quite happy with the drawings so far and i’m planning to refine them further and to create some lettering to compliment the images.

hare initial ideas

I am planning to continue working on my zines and hopefully i’ll be able to post more about them soon.




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