Design museum

Yesterday after our introduction on critical design thinking we took a trip to the design museum to look at the candidates for the design of the year 2015.We got to look at some very interesting work that I thought was quite interesting and was based around a lot of different ideas such as furniture, transport and culture.

design of the year sign

The exhibition Space was nicely layed out and had some good demonstrations and examples of how some of the products work whilst keeping the floor space open allowing people in the museum to walk around freely and not be queued up waiting to see the displays

exhibition space

At the museum the first thing that caught my eye was a piece of furniture design called Dragonfly designed by Odo Fioravanti a designer from italy who got the idea of this design when studying the anatomy of a dragonfly.

I thought it was quite interesting where the idea had came from and the chair itself I think is quite nice and aesthetically pleasing.


Another design I looked at was called Loopwheels by Sam Pearce a design that replaced the spokes in wheels with a carbon composite material that provides better suspension and a smoother ride for cyclists and wheel chair user.


At the Design Museum they also had an interactive video room that I liked a lot. The way it works is one person enters the room at a time and stands in the middle of the space the video then appears on screen and you make your selection by walking towards where you want the cursor to move.


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