review week 2 – blogs

In our second review week we looked at the work we had done through out the past 3 weeks during our core rotations after looking at eachothers sketch book work we also looked at each others blogs to see how people in the class had been uploading there work and how they customised their blogs for navigation.

I think I learned alot from looking at my peers blogs and now have a better idea of the things I should include in my blog posts, one thing I fouund more difficult about this was reviewing and presenting my own blog instead of other peoples I think this was harder because I find it is alot easier to either look over your own mistakes or to be to hard on yourself.

I definitely enjoyed looking at other people blogs to see how they had customised them and it also gave me some good ideas of how I can improve my blog.

Here is an image of the notes I took during the presentations and a picture of one the groups presenting their blogs.


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