Typography 1

On Monday I had my first typography workshop the first thing that I did was print out a paragraph using individual metal letters and each time I printed I had to mark on the paper where I had made a mistake so that I would be able to go back and edit my work this was to show how making mistakes in letterpress can sometimes have a positive effect and to show us how easily mistakes can be made.

To make these paragraphs we had to add each letter individually to a composing stick and also add in the spaces between the words using a lead line and the lines between each sentence.

Here is a picture of the letters and lead lines in a composing stick and the type case used to store the letters.

After using the metal letters I tried some of the wood letters to see the difference.

letterpress (wood) first print

We then had to create a poster containing different examples and information about typography such as alignments of paragraphs different typefaces and things like that.

typographic infrographic poster


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