Animation 1

Yesterday we had a class with kieran about animation the first thing we did was watch some films showing different types of animation the first film had a few different demonstrations one of them being stop motion animation using objects such as books and an envelope this short film told the story of hat procrastination is and how we demonstrate procrastination such doing things like going for a cigarette or making a cup of tea instead of working I think was a very good short film and I like how the person who made it was able to think outside the box and use something that would hold most people back to actually develop his work.

film 1 with multiple platforms (objects, sketches, stop motion etc)

The second film we watched was another stop motion piece but using models and a set instead of objects I also thought this one was quite good and found the little tricks that kieran explained interesting like how there is a scene with the models driving a car but it doesn’t show the car just the passengers inside moving around.

film 2 models stop motion

The last film I recorded was made using illustration and lettering to make up the alphabet I thought it was good because it showed us that there are a wide variety of materials that can be used in animation.

film 3 illustration animation

after we had watched the films Kieran took us through how we could set up a camera to Dragonframe to make our stop motion films he also told us about how to move and object so that it seems to move naturally by measuring the movement by the size of the object being moved.

how to set up for dragon frame


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