Mark making 1

Today we had a workshop in mark making with Orly Orbach to start off the workshop she had us go into the corridor and pair up for a three legged race we then went back to the studio to draw how we perceived the race this could be to do with what we saw, how we felt or the sensations we might have felt this was quite interesting because it made me think about how I was going to draw in a different way and I tried to illustrate how I felt instead of what I saw.

In my drawing I wanted to make it seem as if the two people were attached together like Siamese twins and then added the ribbon and brush strokes on the image to try and convey motion.

3 legged race drawing 1

Orly also asked us to each walk down the corridor and for us to draw the person as they walked so that we would only have a few seconds to complete the drawing. Because of this we had to try and get the most eye catching features of the walk on paper. In this drawing the person walking had their shoulders hunch and feet close together and so I tried to get these features down on paper first.

class mate walking 1

We then did an exercise where we would put each other into different positions and then draw them afterwards we also had one where we split into groups of four and two people would model and the other two would draw them and a person would have to take the place of another each minute and use a different pose to change the content of the scene they would act out.

fins poses class mates posing

At the end of the session we each had to make a mask to wear and then we would start the scene exercise again this gave us a chance to make marks in a different way and also made it easier to think of context to the story the pose could be conveying. Here is a picture of mine and Fins masks and some drawings I did of my group in their masks and Orly in my mask.

my mask fins mask

class mate in mask 1 class mate in mask 2 class mate in mask 3

In this workshop I used a range of tools and material including pencils, fine liner pens, brush tip pen, marker pen, water colour paint, paint brushes, indian ink and calligraphy pens.


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