Visiting the Tate britain

Recently me and some friends went to the Tate Britain here we looked at paintings and sculpture and also some design work and I found a few pieces that I think are quite interesting and that I think can also relate back to my work in class.

I first noticed as we entered the building the dome ceiling above the balcony in the corridor which I think was nice.

balcony cieling dome

I also found a piece of type carved into stone by Eric Gill that I thought was interesting the piece is called The East Wind and was made in 1929. The quote is in Latin and translates to “Divine Beauty is that from which all being is derived”

Eric Gills The East Wind 1929

I also saw a piece by Eddie Chambers called “Destruction of The National Front” made in 1980 the piece is a set of four screen prints depicting the nazi swastika with the colours of the union jack and by the fourth print the image has been torn to pieces.

Eddie Chambers Destruction of the national front 1980

The last piece I want to mention is a typography based piece made by Fiona Banner called “Break Point” made in 1998 it is a very large piece and it shows a story or narrative being told in red text made with marker pen and as the story gets further towards the end the Kerning and Leading are slightly reduced as the story goes on the point were it is un-readable.

Here are some images of the full piece and then the top and bottom.

Fionna Banner Break Point 1998 Break point top Close up Break point bottom Close up


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