Eric Gills Series

As a class we went to the Old Truman Brewery to look at the Eric Gills series at the exhibition they had alot of different examples of typeface Eric Gill had made through out his career and some art on walls made using these types. We also got to listen to typographers Jen and Terrance talk about how they create typefaces, what methods they use and why they love it so much.

Here is a picture of Gill sans Shadow number 3 this was the typeface I thought was most interesting mainly because of the 3D effect but also because of the choice of colour and also the different methods used to create the shadowed effect. I have also made a sketch of this in one of my note pads.

Gill sans shadow No.3 shadow no.3 sketch

I also thought it would be good to include this printers cap that was folded to resemble the cap Eric Gill would have worn.

printers hat gift the eric gill

Here is some of the art made using type that was set along the walls and a video to depict the typeface Sans Nova.

wall art 

At he end of the exhibition we spoke to Jen and Terrance about typography and they told us about using different tools for a different effect like using broad or fine nibbed pens and they also told us about how the typeface should coincide with the over all feeling of your work and how to pick type by looking at the context in which it will be used. They also said that we should look at typefaces through out history to get a better idea of the effect type can have on people and how it can be used.


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