Saachi Gallery – Chanel Exhibition

I went to the Saachi Gallery for the Chanel Exhibition and thought that I would include some of what I saw into the blog because I thought it could relate back to the CCS classes and some of the screen printing aswell.

Whilst at the Exhibition I unfortunately missed out on some key elements to it that I think would have have made it a much more enjoyable experience before entering the gallery we were supposed to have downloaded an interactive app that would give you information and change the displays as you moved through the gallery unfortunately I didn’t know about this.

One room that i thought was more strange really than interesting was the perfume section in this room the lights would change from bright to dim every few minutes and along the walls were fitted coloured circles with black lines across them I didn’t know the purpose of these circles but I thought they look interesting and decided to photograph them the room also displayed some large containers that would open up with the lights became bright and were filled with different coloured liquids that I assume were perfumes.

perfume room

Another room that I found a little less strange and quite enjoyable was a room containing dresses, the room was all black with no lighting except for large pole lights that went through the dresses I think this was an idea the curator had to not just draw attention to the dresses by this being the only light source but this light coming through them amplified the effect of the patterns on the dresses.

dress room

I also got to look at some of the jewelry made by Chanel I also think that this room was set up well due to how this room was also made dark except for some small spotlights that had been aimed directly at the diamond jewelry to make it shine and contrast with the surrounding darkness.

jewlerry room

At the end of the Gallery in the gist shop i also saw some good examples of impression printing that I thought I would include in my post because I would like to try something like this soon

impression printing


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