Screen Printing 2

We had a screen printing workshop this week for our final rotation during this we learned about how to make stencils with light sensitive emulsion and how we can make images appear tonal by printing images with a bitmap through Photoshop doing this makes the image up from small dots and creates the appearance of tone through the dots being spaced apart different distances.

Here are the images I used to make my prints I originally wanted to use a portrait photograph I took of Jerry Only the lead singer from the band Misfits but the picture turned out to be of to poor quality so I decided to change the picture but to keep the same text and I chose the text in this colour so that I could use it as a negative image on my screen prints but was unable to try it as a solid colour because I didn’t have the time but hopefully i’ll be able to soon.

photos used

Here are some of the prints I made using the light sensitive emulsion.

plain red portrait red and black portrait black portrait on multi colour background

I also made some more using paper stencils to create patterns for my portrait prints. The first image I used a paper stencil to go over the portrait as a foreground pattern and my plan was to use the second pattern as a background with the portrait in black over it but again I didn’t have the time to and I will have to go back to complete this piece.

red portrait with stencil pattern foreground background pattern portrait to be added

Here is another I made using the  type as negative space with the image coming through the background.

portrait background negative type


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