Typography 2

In our second session doing typography and letterpress I was asked to make some more prints of my own choosing so I decided to re-create some of the aspects of the infographic poster I made.

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Animation 3

Today I wanted to look at making another stop motion animation using different materials so this time I decided to use coloured paper that I cut out into shapes instead of objects I also asked Kieran to look at my first animation and he told me one of the problems with it was that the camera I used had not been stable enough and moved around to much so this time I used a cardboard box with a whole cut into it to hold the camera in the same position. Continue reading Animation 3

Typography 1

On Monday I had my first typography workshop the first thing that I did was print out a paragraph using individual metal letters and each time I printed I had to mark on the paper where I had made a mistake so that I would be able to go back and edit my work this was to show how making mistakes in letterpress can sometimes have a positive effect and to show us how easily mistakes can be made. Continue reading Typography 1

Animation 1

Yesterday we had a class with kieran about animation the first thing we did was watch some films showing different types of animation the first film had a few different demonstrations one of them being stop motion animation using objects such as books and an envelope this short film told the story of hat procrastination is and how we demonstrate procrastination such doing things like going for a cigarette or making a cup of tea instead of working I think was a very good short film and I like how the person who made it was able to think outside the box and use something that would hold most people back to actually develop his work. Continue reading Animation 1

Mark Making 2

My group recently had another mark making workshop were we had to try and use different materials and techniques of mark making to depict the skyline we could see from our studio window I thought this was a good project because it gave us a lot of creative freedom and allowed us to try different things that we hadn’t done before and to see what kind of effect certain materials and techniques can have. Continue reading Mark Making 2

Screen Printing – Mixing colours

Yesterday I wanted to make a screen print of a pattern I made on photoshop so I decided it would be a good chance to try mixing colours I think this turned out quite well I got the colour I wanted and I can also come back to it at another time if I want to use it again.

Here is a picture showing the colours I used and how it looked when it was printed.

colour mixing

Mark making 1

Today we had a workshop in mark making with Orly Orbach to start off the workshop she had us go into the corridor and pair up for a three legged race we then went back to the studio to draw how we perceived the race this could be to do with what we saw, how we felt or the sensations we might have felt this was quite interesting because it made me think about how I was going to draw in a different way and I tried to illustrate how I felt instead of what I saw. Continue reading Mark making 1

Screen Printing – Finishing work

Here is one of my now finished screen prints that I was unable to complete in the original workshop.

I am very happy with how this turned out and I am planning to make some more like this with different shapes and patterns to see what effects I can ahieve

red background black portrait foreground

Visiting the Tate britain

Recently me and some friends went to the Tate Britain here we looked at paintings and sculpture and also some design work and I found a few pieces that I think are quite interesting and that I think can also relate back to my work in class. Continue reading Visiting the Tate britain