On the 19th my group was set a brief based around typology this is when a series of photographs are collected that are of different things that all fall into the same category for example I decided to base mine around chocolate bars so I went and took pictures of all different types of chocolate bars we then were told to create a 5 page spread to include a front cover with a heading and to present our images in a grid format and to include sub headings and body text.

I found this brief slightly difficult because at first I was confused as to what typology actually was because I had never heard of it before I also think that I hadn’t properly prepared for it as I had missed the day that the brief was set.

here I have some pictures of the classes work unfortunately I hadn’t finished on time but I did have 2 pages done and should have the brief completed soon.

peeps work from typology

here is a picture of the pages I had managed to make

my work from typology


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