Applications with Ricardo 3

Today I finished my double page spread through InDesign at first I found this abit difficult because of the different layout I had used for my poster where others had done theirs in portrait mine was in Landscape this meant that me double page layout would be much different but after going through the photos I had taken of different spreads for research I had a better idea of how I could layout my design.

Because of my poster being in landscape I decided I would set it out spilling over the two pages at first I thought to have completely covering both pages but this wouldn’t have worked due to the fact my poster already contained type and that would mean the text in my spread would be interfered with so I decided to leave some space and have my heading, sub heading and most of my body text put out into one column.

I then saw that I still had some empty space at the bottom of my pages so I went ahead and added a conclusion to my label to briefly discuss how I felt about my finished design and what I would change about it if I was to do it again and on my other page under my main image I decided to add in some smaller images of the screen shots I took during the production of my poster.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and I found InDesign to be a very good software to use when putting together a magazine style spread.

Here is an image of my finished spread.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.04.44 PM


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