Applications with Ricardo

So far we have had 2 Application classes with Ricardo where we have learned about how to use different softwares that we will need to know about as graphic designers the first class was based around using Photoshop at the start he walked us through how to use a few useful tools and how we could use them in our work then he set us the “clenched fist brief” and our task was to create a poster using our design process and different medias such as photography and collage to create a poster that incorporated a clenched fist.

Whilst going over the brief we looked into a brief history of the fist as a symbol and how it was used by different groups like the black panthers and the russian military because of this I decided I wanted to make my poster in a constructivist style but to spin the meaning of friendship and respect behind it so that it would have the opposite effect of how the military would use it.

This was the final outcome of my poster design.

finished poster2


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