Applications with Ricardo 2

The second Applications class we had with Ricardo was based around using InDesign which is another Adobe software that is useful to design creating something like a magazine or a newspaper or any printed format with a lot of text in this session we began looking into how to properly put together a 2 page spread in which we are to include our poster designs and our label which talks about what we did for it and the reasoning behind it I found this session very interesting because I had never used InDesign before one thing in particular that I found interesting was that the eyedropper tool could be used to grab all of the colours on a selected image and then be transferred to the swatches and allow the colours to be used later on this would be very useful if you are working towards a specific colour scheme for example if I want my title text the be the same colour as the text in my poster and if i wanted my sub heading to be the colour of the border i wouldn’t have to constantly go back to the eyedropper tool I would only need to use it once.


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