Studio Culture – JKR Studio Visit

Yesterday we went on a visit to JKR graphic design studio to learn about what its like to work at a large global business like theirs, when we arrived one of there Creative Directors came to greet us he then explained that we would take a quick tour of the building, be shown a presentation about the company and their work and then have some time a side for questions.

As we walked through the building I noticed that the working area was very open so that all the people working there would be able to communicate freely with one another with out having to walk in and out of different rooms and that the desks for the most part had all been next to each other, the creative director explained that this allowed them to communicate and bounce ideas off of each other and that they would all be able to stay on the same page which I thought that was a good idea for working as a team.

We also came across a library area that had plenty of books along the walls this is a common feature in design studios so that designers would be able to look through the books to help them come up with ideas or just as a space to relax whilst taking a break.


After we had taken the tour it was time for there presentation to do this we were asked to take a seat in there briefing area which I thought was great space for talking and briefing a large group of people at once because of how the seating was arrange to elevate the audience so that everyone was able to see the presentation clearly.

IMG_2552 IMG_2554

When we had been shown the presentation we were told about the philosophy that lead JKR as designers and helped to explain their approach to design which was “Charisma of Design” and the Creative Director then went on to explain how they approach a design by getting rid of the unnecessary elements and allowing the design to stand out from others by using its own key elements and enhancing them or as they have put it on there website “knowing who you are, and behaving accordingly”.

We also learned a little bit about the company itself, that they are 25 years old and have other branches in Newyork, Shanghai and Singapore. We then got to look at some of the work that they had done for different brands and what out comes they achieved when re-branding a company.

Here is an image of a small section in the studio the had to showcase some of the work they had done for other large companies.


It was quite interesting to look at some of the aspects that they included into the process of re-branding a company for instance when they had done work for PG tea they hadn’t just stopped at making a logo but they had also set up different ways to promote the company relating to certain goings on that could relate to all people in the country like the Olympics and remembrance day.

They had also worked with Jura which is a brand of whiskey what they had done was close their website and hidden things in there promotions to purposely peak their audiences attention.


We also got to look at work they had done for Courvoisier which is a Brandy company when creating their packaging they looked into the history of the brand and talked about their slogan “toast of Paris” and mentioned the phrase “toasting under the Eiffel tower” and using that they took a view from under the tower looking directly up and used the image they captured to create a design on the packaging.


They had also used a similar technique when working with Budweiser they worked around the fact that it was an american brand to create bottle designs and packaging to represent that and used the colour scheme of red, white and blue to create an image of the statue of liberty on the bottles.


These are the types of design that I find very interesting and I had a great time going to their studio and getting to see how they work and how they come up with great design ideas and the visit also allowed me to reflect on how I work as a designer and how I could possibly use these techniques in my own work.


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