Studio Culture talk with Sarah Boris

Today we began looking into studio culture and had Sarah Boris talk to us about the different types of studios she had worked in and showed us some of the different projects she’d done.

One of the things i found quite interesting was when she told us about how she had found some letters carved from metal that she had found thrown away that she then used to make some prints which I thought this was a good way of recycling.

She also talked about different projects that she had worked on. One that I found the most interesting was a design she had made for a book about baking, she said that she had watched videos of the baker making bread and that inspired here to change the typeface in certain ways. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of the book cover but it was still good to see how her process works and where she got ideas from.

Sarah also talked about the different pros and cons of working as a freelance graphic designer, an in house designer and what the benefits are to running your own business. I think that working as an in house designer seems like a good way to start off in the industry because this will allow you to get used to working as a graphic designer, meeting deadlines and getting a good idea of how many hours you will need to put into your work whilst being able to make a steady income. Whereas, being a freelance designer allowed her a lot more freedom, allowed her to approach designers of her chose to ask to collaborate with her and the  working hours are of her own choice. Being a freelance designer sounds like it would be a good way to work but I think that it would first require you to build up a good reputation for yourself before hand.

At the end of the talk we looked at her own design studio that she started herself called “Le Theatre Graphique” and she showed us how she had customised the way it was set out and how it looked. She then told us about how she started to contact distributors for supplies and how she got in touch with other designers to collaborate with her.

She then took a look at the room that would become our studio space and she listed off what she thought would make good contributions she told us a small library with a mind map board and a small gallery would be a useful way for us to think of ideas and a print area or light box would be useful for our development.

These are some images from her presentation.

IMG_2548 IMG_2549


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