V&A Visit

Today I took a trip to the V&A museum hoping to get some notes and capture some pictures to get a head start on writing my essay for Critical and Contextual studies unfortunately I was unable to attend any of the exhibitions but i still got to see some very interesting items around the museum such as ceramics interior design and the architecture of the building itself. One of the things I was most interested in was the ceramics section where I saw some great blue and white pieces. I also stumbled onto a section that I took to calling “the gold room” that contained some great mirror and door frames and an interesting design on the ceiling. I also found a room containing pieces from 1900’s till 2000 where I got a look at some interesting badges depicting anti soviet designs based around polish solidarity.

Here is a large plate I saw in the ceramics section that I really liked the floral design on.


Here is a large vase that I like the pattern around because of the way the it looks as if its left brush marks. I have included a picture of myself standing beside the vase to give a good perspective of how large it is.

IMG_2536 IMG_2537

Here is a piece that I found the most interesting because it reminded me of what we had already talked about in class before hand. It was made by Li Lihong an artist based in Shanghai in the V&A it is noted next to the piece that it is supposed to be a reflection of the “flood of global brands into China” which I think relates back to Critical and Contextual Studies quite well seeing how an artist from china has been effected by such a large global chain like Mcdonalds



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