Photography workshop

Today we had a workshop and a talk about Photography and how to properly photograph our work and what we should think about as we do it I thought this was quite informative as I’ve never had any kind of photography experience or been in a photography class. We talked about things like taking pictures of objects and items in the way they are used, making sure to capture the texture of something and not just how it looks and how to give the viewer an idea of the size of an object by putting it next to something to show the scale. For me I found hearing about using different exposures or shutter speeds to capture motion and movement in a picture very interesting.

We then took part in a work shop in photography, we took pictures of each other had a look at how lighting and background can effect a picture.

Here are some pictures I took of people in the class today on my phone it wasn’t until afterwards had ended that I thought to use them as an example for capturing motion in a picture.

photography workshop 3 photography workshop 2 photography work shop 1 photography workshop 4


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