Typology 2

Here are some images of my finished 5 page spread for my typology brief.

5 Page mag Front coverpage 2 imagePage 3 image gridpage 4 image gridpage 5


Screen Printing

Today we had our first class in screen printing I found this class to be a little interesting to learn how to use certain machines and how to make precise stencils using a method of exposing chemicals layed onto the screen to UV light whilst being blocked by a black and white printed image I think this would be a good method of making posters if you want flat colours and a good way to convey tone using shapes or dots rather than a gradient. Continue reading Screen Printing


On the 19th my group was set a brief based around typology this is when a series of photographs are collected that are of different things that all fall into the same category for example I decided to base mine around chocolate bars so I went and took pictures of all different types of chocolate bars we then were told to create a 5 page spread to include a front cover with a heading and to present our images in a grid format and to include sub headings and body text. Continue reading Typology

Applications with Ricardo 3

Today I finished my double page spread through InDesign at first I found this abit difficult because of the different layout I had used for my poster where others had done theirs in portrait mine was in Landscape this meant that me double page layout would be much different but after going through the photos I had taken of different spreads for research I had a better idea of how I could layout my design. Continue reading Applications with Ricardo 3

Applications with Ricardo 2

The second Applications class we had with Ricardo was based around using InDesign which is another Adobe software that is useful to design creating something like a magazine or a newspaper or any printed format with a lot of text in this session we began looking into how to properly put together a 2 page spread in which we are to include our poster designs and our label which talks about what we did for it and the reasoning behind it I found this session very interesting because I had never used InDesign before one thing in particular that I found interesting was that the eyedropper tool could be used to grab all of the colours on a selected image and then be transferred to the swatches and allow the colours to be used later on this would be very useful if you are working towards a specific colour scheme for example if I want my title text the be the same colour as the text in my poster and if i wanted my sub heading to be the colour of the border i wouldn’t have to constantly go back to the eyedropper tool I would only need to use it once.

Applications with Ricardo

So far we have had 2 Application classes with Ricardo where we have learned about how to use different softwares that we will need to know about as graphic designers the first class was based around using Photoshop at the start he walked us through how to use a few useful tools and how we could use them in our work then he set us the “clenched fist brief” and our task was to create a poster using our design process and different medias such as photography and collage to create a poster that incorporated a clenched fist.

Whilst going over the brief we looked into a brief history of the fist as a symbol and how it was used by different groups like the black panthers and the russian military because of this I decided I wanted to make my poster in a constructivist style but to spin the meaning of friendship and respect behind it so that it would have the opposite effect of how the military would use it.

This was the final outcome of my poster design.

finished poster2

V&A Visit 4

On the 13th of October as a class we went on a visit to the V&A Museum to take notes and pictures to help is write our exhibition critique for our CCS module.

Whilst here I had to look at rooms cotaining pieces from 1850-1945 the rooms I was most interested in where the ones that focused on items from The Great Exhibition of 1851 and a room on Gothic revival because of how they could relate back to what we had already learned from our CCS class i was also quite interested in writing about a sculpture that was a gift the Queen Victoria for her Golden Jubilee and I think it was interesting to try and think about why they had set out the pieces in the way they did and the message the curators may have been trying to convey to their audience.

Critical and Contextual Studies

On the 6th of October we learned about the importance of history in design whilst talking about this we learned about how the V&A Museum grew from The Great Exhibition in 1851 this was held to show the people of Britain manufactured products that could be mass produced. The exhibition was organised by Henry Cole and Prince Albert, whilst we talked about the exhibition and what was going on during the time it was erected it seemed to me that the reason behind it was that the imperialists that ruled the country at this time wanted to put on a show in a way to distract the common people from the apparent rebellions occuring around Europe. Continue reading Critical and Contextual Studies

Studio Culture – JKR Studio Visit

Yesterday we went on a visit to JKR graphic design studio to learn about what its like to work at a large global business like theirs, when we arrived one of there Creative Directors came to greet us he then explained that we would take a quick tour of the building, be shown a presentation about the company and their work and then have some time a side for questions. Continue reading Studio Culture – JKR Studio Visit